The tent site brief background

A couple articles below for background on the “Tent Site”. The Downtown Master Plan calls for this site to become a Class A office tower with about half the footprint preserved as a park or open space. From the DMP:


Redevelop the City owned sites on Okeechobee Boulevard to enhance this entrance to the Downtown and provide a public amenity.

1. DEVELOP THE TENT SITE AS A SIGNATURE OFFICE BUILDING The Tent site should be developed with an iconic building to strengthen West Palm Beach’s image as an office center. TDRs may be used on the property.

2. DEVELOP THE TRIANGLE SITE AS A PUBLIC AMENITY Develop the Triangle site as an open space with a low-scale civic use.

From The Palm Beach Post:

Longtime rivals vie for coveted West Palm Beach land.

CRA wants a closed bidding process

Tent site ss

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