Jeff Speck, author of “Walkable City”, to give talk in West Palm Beach in November

Jeff Speck, author of Walkable City, is coming to West Palm Beach in November to talk about his book, subtitled “How to save downtown, one step at a time.” If you read one book about urbanism, make this it.  With chapters like “Get the Parking Right”, it’s the best how-to manual on what needs to be done to achieve a vibrant, walkable downtown. It all comes down to four simple elements: A walk must be comfortable, interesting, safe, and useful. How to make this happen is the subject of this book.

Expect something like the talk he has given in other cities, a mix of insights from his book and particular applications to West Palm Beach. Much of the inspiration for this blog has come from Mr. Speck and the previous book he coauthored, “Suburban Nation“. If anyone would like to borrow either of these books, I’m happy to share!

Details will be posted once a specific date is known. Thanks to Raphael Clemente, Executive Director of the DDA [Twitter: @raphaclemente], the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority [@downtownwpb], and Mayor Jeri Muoio [@jmuoio] for supporting this. I hear this book is making the rounds around City Hall!

UPDATE: The DDA just announced November 18-19 are the dates of a two day walkability summit with Jeff Speck



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