WPB Bus Loop on September 14th to pilot trolley connection between Downtown and Northwood

The West Palm Beach Bus Loop is a fun event you should take part in, and the proceeds benefit the WPB Downtown Neighborhood Association capital projects fund for things like street tree plantings. It’s also a good demonstration of what a trolley running between Northwood and Downtown WPB would look like. Imagine a trolley with regular routes connecting these neighborhoods and reducing residents’ dependence on their car. With this and innovative car share programs like Enterprise WeCar and RelayRides, downsizing to a one-car family is within reach for more Northwood residents. Ditching one car equates to $7-$9K per year in savings for a family to save, invest, or spend in the community. ¬†And as Meika Weiss at Strong Towns has written, this extra disposable income can make a big difference to a local economy.

Let’s get to work and make it happen!


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