Meeting with WPB city urban designer to talk about Ciclovia, parklets, more

Our third ‘Walkable Wednesday’ meetup included our first public official in attendance, City urban designer and downtown master plan administrator Ana Maria Aponte. We’d like to thank Ana Maria for taking time out of her schedule to meet with us after work hours. It’s very much appreciated.

Ana Maria leads urban design over the downtown area and administers the downtown master plan. Any development downtown comes across her desk, and there are lots of projects coming across her desk these days. The conversation was wide-ranging and touched just about every topic imaginable, from parking requirements in new developments, to pedestrianizing Clematis Street, doing a pilot Ciclovia project, parklets, Tri-Rail Coastal Link commuter rail, choice of trees on Clematis Street, installation of bioswales and green infrastructure, and converting Olive and Dixie two-way streets.

Many of the projects that our group support are projects that city staff fully support. But in order to implement them, the public has to show support for them. In the past, this hasn’t always been the case. That’s where you come in. Going forward, a focus of this blog will be to educate blog readership about issues of importance to city builders and community advocates. We’ll need your help in supporting forward-thinking public officials in their work.

Thanks everyone for coming. Next month will be unusual, with our meetup on TUESDAY the 29th. Bret Baronak, Greenways, Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator at the Palm Beach County MPO, will be presenting an update on initiatives and questions we’ve asked him. Yes, Okeechobee Boulevard, Tri Rail Coastal Link, and much more. Should be the best meetup yet.


Shout out to Austin Arnone of ActiveRealty Palm Beach for introducing me to the word “hangry’. That’s what happens when hunger turns to anger. A word I’ve been looking for all my life! 🙂

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