Mayor Muoio supports making Okeechobee Boulevard better for pedestrians

This time, it’s no April Fool’s joke!

At Mayor Muoio’s media briefing on April 2nd, reporters asked the Mayor about her thoughts around the idea of making Okeechobee Boulevard a multiway boulevard or something more pedestrian friendly [minute 16:20].

Muoio: “One of the focuses of both Jeff Speck and CNU and our downtown is ‘how do we make Okeechobee more walkable?’ So any effort to do that I would applaud and would like to be a part of. ”

We thank the Mayor for endorsing this idea. She has touted the benefits of walkability publicly and often, supporting Jeff Speck’s walkability study, bringing in Peter Kageyama (“For the Love of Cities”) for a lecture, and conducting the Mayor’s walk.

It’s going to take a collaboration between the City, County, and perhaps most importantly, Florida Department of Transportation in order to make this happen. If you’re interested in helping, contact us, or get in touch with a public official. Much more to come; once Jeff Speck’s walkability report is released,  the hard work of implementation begins! We’ll need the community to come out and support the study, help us kickstart a few easier projects, and get a large group of grassroots support behind reconfiguring Okeechobee.

[Thanks to Tree Canopy WPB for letting us know about this interview!]


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