Downtown ‘quick start’ guide for businesses and citizens

Delray Beach put out an excellent guide for business owners in downtown.  Love this. It’s a good way to cut through the red tape and get information in the hands of business owners on who to contact for what, and what resources are available at the city to help. I’ve seen a need for such a guide in my involvement in the community.  We should copy/expropriate/imitate/steal (whatever words make you feel better about it) this idea.
Imitation is the best form of flattery, right??
A few items that are sorely needed and could be included:

  • “How to” on sidewalk cafes
  • Building permitting process
  • Parklet permitting
  • Bike rack requests
  • Street tree planting procedure
  • Block party permits & meter bagging procedures

Comment below on how to ‘hack’ the red tape and make it easier to start a business/invest in property/do awesome things.

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