First green bike lane comes to West Palm Beach

At our last monthly meetup, some exciting news: The first ever green bike lane is coming to West Palm Beach!  Bret Baronak of the Palm Beach MPO explained the project, awarded to West Palm Beach as a “transportation alternatives” grant. The improvements are proposed to consist of the following: a dedicated colored bike lane, sidewalk ramp improvements, decorative crosswalks, landscaped bulb-outs with bioswales plantings and drainage, and restriping of the roadway. The project is located on 15th Street between Australian and Dixie. We also got a sneak preview of the upcoming Fern Street improvements in downtown (second picture), also from Bret as well as Alex Hansen, Transportation Planner at the City of WPB.

Green bike lane project location:

Roosevelt Elementary is along this street, and a crossing over both the FEC and CSX rail right of way. It will be interesting to see whether children use this green lane, or  ride on the sidewalk. If they do continue to ride on the sidewalk, it will indicate this lane still doesn’t feel safe enough for all users.

This is a great start regardless and we applaud the MPO and City for getting it funded. Let’s get this one done, then move on to test a real Dutch style protected cycle track, with the bike lane between the curb and the parked cars! Read more.

The grant item is up before the City commission at today’s 5 pm meeting:

[If you didn’t come to our meeting last month, you’re missing out! Follow the blog and our calendar for meetup announcements and events relevant to creating more  bike-friendly conditions in WPB. Hope to see you next time.]



  1. The city postponed a decision on this item, worried about losing parking around Dunbar Village. This is why it is so important that advocates for bikeable and livable streets WRITE the commissioners, and/or SHOW UP at public meetings, to express their support.

    Update from City transportation planner:
    The City Commission postponed any decision on this item and directed Staff to look into a way to keep the existing on-street parking around Dunbar Village (i.e. Replace the bike lane with sharrows), or explore ways to construct the parking in the parkway and identify funding sources. It is our understanding that the MPO would have concerns with breaking the continuous bike lane and utilizing sharrows instead…feeling that it would jeopardize the grant. Therefore, at this point we are looking at the alternative of building parking spaces on the north side around Dunbar while still having the green bike lane.

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