Interview on WPTV – Jeff Speck walkability study


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  2. Well done Jesse. So cool to have this important study covered by mainstream media. BTW, you look good on camera. I remain disappointed, however, that WPB is closing 2 important pedestrian pathways (Datura and Evernia) for AAF’s terminal. While high-speed rail downtown is a potential positive, planning it as a drive-to destination cancels out many of the positive aspects. Getting the small things right and the big things wrongs keeps you headed in the wrong direction, unfortunately. Hopefully, Mr. Speck’s study will get us back on track again.

    • Thanks for the comment, Tim. I remain disappointed in the closing of Evernia and Datura streets too. Since the city approved the street closures, though, I think our focus should now be on demanding a high-quality urban street from Clematis to Fern – using the street as a placemaking tool and getting the details right. I think Victor Dover’s ‘street design’ book has a lot of inspiration we could draw from. What are your thoughts? Perhaps this is where a consensus could emerge.

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