Downtown Walkability Study has been published

Jeff Speck’s final walkability study report has been uploaded to the blog. It can be found under Reference Documents.  Jeff Speck walkability study

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    • The difficulty we’re hearing is from city staff. The Mayor is behind it, but staff wants to study everything to death. That will take too long and cost too much money. These are proven measures that can be done at low cost with paint.

      The DNA is writing a letter of support and we want to form a coalition of eastern neighborhoods to support the study and livable streets generally.

      There is a need to enshrine livable streets as the default policy rather than the exception, so these battles don’t have to be fought over every block. Trying to figure out how that could be done…Do other cities make reference to a guidebook like NACTO or Smart Growth America’s complete streets guides? Do they craft their own ordinances?

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