The Bus Loop tests trolley line expansion between Northwood Village and Downtown

Last night’s Bus Loop was a smashing success. If you weren’t there, the Bus Loop is a transit-powered pub crawl, hop-on, hop off style, that runs between Cityplace, Clematis Street, and Northwood Village.  The Bus Loop benefits the Palm Beach County Gator Club and the West Palm Beach Downtown Neighborhood Association (WPB DNA). I serve on the board of the WPB DNA and this is the main source of fundraising we’re doing to do things like tree plantings downtown, public art projects, bike repair stations, and hopefully ground cover plantings near this garage. Here is a gallery of projects completed or in progress using Bus Loop fundraising:

[If you’d like to volunteer with the DNA, please get in touch. We need you!]

This is the third bus loop to run downtown, and may have been the biggest yet. In addition to helping fund some cool projects, it also demonstrates what a trolley running between downtown and Northwood Village would look like.  We used the old trolleys that used to run downtown before the massive, smoke-exhaust laden new trolleys unfortunately replaced them. It has been a huge success everytime, bringing hundreds of people between Northwood and Downtown. The route looked like this, running north along Flagler Drive up to Northwood, and back downtown:


The sidewalks were filled with people, many of whom had never been to The Garage VV or Northwood Village for that matter. And downtown restaurants were similarly packed with people.

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This could be the beginnings of a more extensive trolley network between the walkable neighborhoods of West Palm Beach. For my part, I would gladly pay a couple dollars to ride such a system to get around the traditional neighborhoods of our city. Just another way West Palm Beach can capitalize on its core strength in the region: Its walkable street grid and livable streets.


  1. AnnB.

    In anticipation of the new Convention Center hotel being built, I submitted a suggestion to the DDA to include a stop on the Green Line at Convention Center in the existing route. It’s a right hand turn from an existing route, and can loop around in the circle by City Place South Tower and make another right hand turn to return to Okeechobee. This would allow Grandview Heights residents easier access to the trolley. Just a thought – and I would definitely pay extra to take a trolley to Northwood!

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