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This week, Strong Towns is having its membership drive. Having been part of the first annual National Gathering, meeting the people building this movement from the ground up, the dedication and hard work Strong Towns is doing day in, day out is apparent. Chuck was on the road over 90 days last year, giving Curbside Chats and spreading the word. Weekly podcasts,  quality daily blog content, a new book, features in Time Magazine and Econ Talk Podcast.. the list goes on and on. This is a bootstrap movement being built from the ground up, much as our towns and cities were once built.

do the mathThis is a sticker Joe Minicozzi handed out at the Gathering. Messrs. Marohn, Minicozzi, The Count, and Charles Ponzi implore you: Do the Math. The traditional pattern of development is fiscally productive, resilient, and builds wealth. The Ponzi-style drive-only, suburban development model gives the illusion of prosperity, but saddles us with immense long-term liabilities. For an analytical guy like me, not a trained planner but someone who cares about the future of our cities and our country, this is a message that resonates. Traditional neighborhoods are also pretty darn good when it comes to environmental, health, and many measurable community outcomes. But this is the clincher, and the idea that makes this message larger than the left/right divide that poisons so much discourse at the national level.

Whether you’re a planner, engineer, public official, developer, entrepreneur, or just an ordinary citizen who doesn’t fit into any of the typical boxes – it doesn’t matter. You’re needed. What is Strong Towns all about? Check out the new video.


For the United States to be a prosperous country, it must have strong cities, towns and neighborhoods. Enduring prosperity cannot be artificially created from the outside but must be built from within, incrementally over time. An America in transition must focus on developing strong, local communities, places where humanity’s creativity, compassion and spirit of collaboration can flourish.

We advocate for a model of growth that allows America’s places to grow financially strong and resilient. 

Strong Towns is starting to change the conversation about our towns and cities, quite literally – terms like stroad and Suburban Ponzi Scheme came out of Strong Towns work and are now becoming part of the zeitgeist.  As a member, you get access to a network of people working to build stronger places, the Strong Towns Network, and your blog can be added to the Member Blogroll. I joined at the advocate level, which includes educational webinars and more benefits, but do whatever you can. Most importantly, by joining, you help build and sustain Strong Towns the organization so we can get back to building enduring, meaningful places again.

Do the Math. For a high return on your dollar, become a member of Strong Towns today.


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