Should Palm Beach County ditch the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council?

Any Palm Beach County official who votes to leave the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council in favor of the South Florida Council will lose my vote. TCRPC is quite possibly the most respected planning council in the entire country and has done a world of good to keep PBC from “Browardizing”. It has guided the redevelopment and revitalization of Delray Beach, among its many success stories. Many of its staff (past and current) helped administer the West Palm Beach downtown revitalization.

Any advocate for more livable, walkable communities should support staying with TCRPC and strongly object to moving councils. I suggest you email every County Commissioner. The email is listed under the “Contact” link of the blog.


  1. This is a really interesting discussion. I would ask these commissioners what the South Florida Council can provide that the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council can not? The recent Seven 50 Planning, the South East Regional Partnership, and All Aboard Florida, illustrate the dividing line the region’s purpose and values. This line was once drawn just north of Fort Lauderdale, but in the past several years, this line has moved just north of West Palm Beach.

    I do not want to lose site of the value of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council. They are a national leader in planning and public policy. This has been an important agency that has provided leadership during the recent boom and bust. You can drive along US 1 and see how their leadership has guided development decisions, managed growth, and protected the values of each community which they work. They have made countless communities great.

    Ask the tough questions.

    • I’m glad to see the County Commission reconsidered and voted unanimously to stick with TCRPC. TCRPC has done a great job and represents our interests a lot better than SFRC would. The ironic thing is north county folks who want to ditch TCRPC. Do they think it would be better with SFRC?

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