Flamingo Park and Old Northwood home tours highlight two great neighborhoods

I highly encourage readers to check out the Flamingo Park and Old Northwood home tours. In this post I’ll briefly explain some of the features that make these neighborhoods special.

Snout house in Orlando
Snout house in Orlando

Flamingo Park and Old Northwood are the type of pre-WWII suburban neighborhoods we love here at Walkable West PalmBeach. The street grid, mix of uses, shade tree canopy, traffic calming measures (beautifully landscaped traffic circles), walkable parks and restaurants nearby make these neighborhoods real gems. Architecture is varied and significant. Garages are typically hidden at the side of the houses or accessed from the alley, instead of the typical ‘snout houses’ of today’s suburbia.  Sidewalks are present and more importantly, narrow streets and traffic calming measures create the kind of street where kids can actually play without fear. On many streets, there is on-street parallel parking that narrows the travel lanes, effectively creating a ‘yield street’ in which two cars cannot pass each other at the same time. This forces drivers to slow down and pay attention. Many houses have front porches that engage the street and adds watchful eyes to the neighborhood.

Not a snout house.
This is how it should be done

Added together, these features produce a public realm not found in most of today’s suburban ‘neighborhoods’. I put ‘neighborhood’ in quotes because a neighborhood in which one cannot walk 5-10 minutes in order to satisfy some daily needs is no neighborhood at all. Sprawl is characterized by its complete dependence on the car for every daily need. Contrast that with the neighborhoods of Old Northwood and Flamingo Park, which offer many amenities within a reasonable walk.

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Details on home tours, from  aGuyonClematis:

Flamingo Park

Flamingo Park’s 23rd Holiday Historic Home Tour will take place Sunday, December 7, 2014. This year, eight festively decorated homes will be open, including five homes that have never been on the tour! Homes open at 5 p.m. and the tour runs until 8 p.m.

Each home offers visitors delicious refreshments (light food and drink options), included in the ticket price. In addition, the hospitality tent will host an after-tour reception with music, coffee and homemade holiday sweets!

Tickets are $30 in advance or $35 on the day of the tour. Tickets purchased online will be held at will-call at the hospitality tent, located on the 700 block of Claremore Drive. Tickets are also available to purchase at a number of retail locations. (see list below)


Old Northwood

The 27th Annual Candlelight Holiday Home Tour will be on Only One Magical night Saturday December 27th 2014 from 5 PM to 9 PM. Come and enjoy Old Northwood’s hospitality this holiday season, as we celebrate the 27th Annual Candlelight Holiday Home Tour this year (Palm Beach County’s longest and oldest running home tour).

You will be amazed at the historic architecture that is Florida, here in Old Northwood. Many of these homes and the neighborhood are decorated in all of the glory for the holiday season. A selection of the historic homes have graciously opened their doors for this one Magical Night. Along the tour you will have the distinct privilege to sample some of the local restaurants delicious food and enjoy the wine, champagne and beer at the homes along the tour route.

Get your tickets here


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