If Queens Boulevard can get a protected bike lane, so can we!

From StreetFilms:

Seriously: If Queens Boulevard can get a protected bike lane, you can probably put one on almost any street in country!

Yesterday, the Queens Transportation Alternatives Committee hosted the first of what it hopes are many historic bike rides down Queens Boulevard to try out the first ten blocks or so of the newly installed interim bike lane by NYC DOT.

Full story on Streetsblog NYC

Protected bike lanes can be implemented quickly and cheaply as this video shows. Notice that the first phase simply uses a striped buffer with plastic bollards. A later phase would cast a concrete buffer between the bike lanes and the travel lanes. This is a great example of how to start incrementally and at low cost.

Where would you like to see a protected bike lane in West Palm Beach? Comment below.

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  1. Baron Haussmann

    Queens Boulevard is a multiway boulevard with a trouble history. Its frontage roads are too wide which causes cars to travel in them at speeds similar to the main road. This multiway boulevard has much higher crashes than the other multiway boulevards in New York. This project is an excellent low cost tactical approach to solve this long standing issue. Allan Jacobs came up with many proposals to improve Queens Boulevard way back in 1995.

    I wonder if a cycle track would be feasible for Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard in West Palm Beach? It seems like there is a lot of room.

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