Dealing with driveways in cycle track design

On Dutch streets, it’s the driver who must yield when a sidewalk or cycle track intersects a driveway, not the other way around.

In this fantastic video from A View From the Cycle Path, the commonly held myth that cycle tracks don’t work where there are lots of driveways is debunked. As with everything, it’s a matter of design. Rather than the sidewalk and cycle track changing elevation to meet the driveway grade, it’s the driveway that must change in order to meet the grade of the cycle track. The design cues of the cycle track – distinct paving, continuous through driveways – forces drivers to proceed slowly and carefully through any driveway intersection with a cycle track (aka protected bike lane).

It reflects the values of the Dutch model: Safety and convenience prioritized for the most vulnerable users on foot and on bike. It’s an incredibly safe approach that gets lots of people biking. And note that cars are still accommodated just fine in this environment.

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