Duany Plater-Zyberk 1994 Downtown Master Plan for West Palm Beach

The Mandel Public Library on Clematis Street has a copy of the 1994 DPZ Downtown Master Plan. I have scanned the document and uploaded it to the blog under “Reference Documents”. This important document laid out the vision for remaking downtown around people, rather than around cars speeding through. It’s an essential part of understanding the reemergence of downtown as a vibrant place with quality public spaces.

1994 DPZ Downtown Master Plan (April 2004 update)


  1. The wisdom within this document, Jesse, revived Clematis Street, brought us City Place, and is the basis for much of the city’s planning code that encourages urbanism. Its nuances, however; such as street grid continuity, low- and mid-rise development, and housing products that are affordable to a broad range of socioeconomic classes; are all but forgotten.

    Thanks for the reminder, Jesse, but it feels like a look back at what could have been.

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