Quadrille Boulevard resurfacing project update: Quadrille highway geometry to remain unchanged

FDOT is holding an informational open house about the forthcoming Quadrille Boulevard resurfacing project. See details below.

Walkable West Palm Beach advocated for a more thoughtful design, in a series of blog posts and a detailed letter to FDOT. It is disappointing to learn that by all indications, the City did not take these ideas seriously and did not pursue a five to three road diet, as we desired.

Unfortunately, Quadrille Boulevard will remain a NASCAR racetrack that cuts off the significant residential population and new business investment on the north end from the rest of downtown. A five to three road diet could have done much to make Quadrille safer and less daunting to cross, as well as add bicycle facilities. Instead, it appears we’re getting the standard fare from FDOT: Suicide lane sharrows, buffered bike lanes. Buffered bike lanes are a modest improvement, but what good are they if they do not connect to any integrated network and vanish after a couple of blocks?

Here’s the meeting invitation in case you’re interested.


FDOT (1)



FDOT Open House for Quadrille Blvd Project, Clematis to Dixie

Thursday, November 5th, 4pm to 6pm

West Palm Beach City Hall, Flagler Gallery


Scope of Work:

Milling and resurfacing

ADA Upgrades

New Vehicle Detection Systems

Bus bay removal

Buffered bike lanes

Signing and striping








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  1. Susan Landeryou

    thanks, Jesse, for your continued involvement in advocating to make our beautiful city more “friendly” for pedestrians and bikers and business owners and quality of life.

    As you know, I attended that one meeting at the library re Quadrille. It seemed like the presenters had no interest in even listening to feedback.

    I can tell you what I don’t like about the crossing at Quadrille and Clematis.

    The wait is long. The wait is long, and it must be done in scorching hot sun with no shade canopy for a long, long way. The wait is long, it must be done in scorching hot sun with no shade canopy for a long, long way, and there is nothing of immediate interest on the west side.

    I usually am on the south side of Clematis when I need to cross, because that side of the street has more shade. When you stand on that corner, all you see is a long expanse of empty lot, railroad tracks, wide lanes of cement, a parking garage on the other side, nothing to look forward to. It is a very ugly sight. Waiting for the walk sign seems interminable. The light can be green, yet the walk sign doesn’t come on, because of the left-turners coming off westbound Clematis, I guess.

    I know you already know all this. You, in fact, have taught me the basic reasons why this intersection is so unpleasant. It keeps me from visiting the 500 block. It’s not that the walk is too far for me. It’s that the long stretch of sun, waiting, and ugliness makes it unpleasant.


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