2016 West Palm Beach Wish List

At the end of 2015,  the community answered the question “What are you most excited for in West Palm Beach in 2016?” in the Engage West Palm Facebook group.

I took this opportunity to focus on ideas that I believe merit attention and focus. Not all of these projects are city led, but most of them are.  Many of these we’ve discussed extensively on the blog (South Dixie, Flagler, Okeechobee. Use search box at right to find old content)

Here’s my list, and I thought I would share it here. What is yours?


Continuing to build upon what I consider our city’s greatest competitive strength in the region, our traditional walkable neighborhoods. To that end:

1. Humanizing Flagler Drive, creating more space for people and bicyclists and connecting to Palm Beach via the new Flagler Bridge and Royal Park Bridge and the Lake Trail. A protected bike path connecting both sides of the intracoastal waterfront would be a tremendous win.
2. Construction of a street easement over the FEC tracks at 7th Street in the Northwest will create conditions for revitalization
3. Securing funding for the first phase of the South Dixie Corridor project to Albemarle
4.. Carrying out a project with Gehl Architects such as the long discussed Turquoise Necklace bike/pedestrian pathways
5. Reconstruction of Okeechobee Boulevard medians so the moat between CityPlace and Convention Center can be crossed more easily and safely.
6. Moving Olive and Dixie two-way project ahead
7. All Aboard Florida station completion and Coastal Link funding secured
8. Downtown parking wayfinding signage finally implemented
9. Development of vacant parcels fronting Currie Park. Creation of a ‘public living room’ where people coming/going provides the park with activity, interest, and natural surveillance.
10. Street trees downtown. ‘Nuff said.

Perhaps most of all, I’m wishing for a Livable Transportation Engineer to be hired to design and implement these transportation projects throughout the city!



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