The Subculture bike rack story

John Simmerman of Active Towns visited West Palm Beach recently and shot this short video telling the story of the bike rack outside of Subculture Coffee. John created the Active Towns initiative and I always enjoy his perspective, as the changes happening in West Palm Beach are sometimes imperceptible to those of us living here, while John’s once or twice annual trips to our region make the changes more noticeable to him.

This alley was at one time a leftover space that didn’t do much more than provide a sneaky spot for police cruisers to park. With the efforts of the community, small changes compounded to make this alley one of the most loved places in the city. Big kudos to the leadership of Raphael Clemente at the DDA; Sean Scott, owner of Subculture Coffee; and Nicole Henry of CANVAS for being instrumental in making this happen. There are many more people who have contributed in various ways who I’m probably leaving out.

This story is a testament how little changes can build upon one another and lead to a better community, and the power of small actions to get things moving. Thank you John for putting this together!




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