New DDA landscaper working on Clematis Street

The new DDA landscaper, Scott Lewis Gardening & Trimming, is at work on the 200 block.
I’m proud to have served on the RFP review committee to select the new landscaper contract. The DDA listened to the input of the residents and I’m confident the landscaping on Clematis and Rosemary is going to be noticeably improved.

Expect the biggest improvements to happen after Moonfest, but already there are noticeable improvements as aGuyonClematis has pointed out!



    • The DDA landscapers only maintain grounds on Clematis and Rosemary. Trees are maintained by the City.

      On the same block, 20 feet away, you could have a Washingtonian palm that the city is responsible for while DDA is responsible for the island.
      Doesn’t make much sense, but that’s the way it is.

      Agree that planting shade trees on Clematis would have been much more beneficial in many respects. Certain interests were fearful of losing curb parking and they prevailed unfortunately.

      The good news – we’re raising the profile of street shade trees with our Datura Street project. We’re moving forward and it’s going to happen.

      Thanks for the comment.

  1. Bob & Jeanne

    Jesse, Can Scott Lewis provide us with a copy of his water schedule / itemized water cost for the 7 native trees? How many days / week and if 6 days why not seven? and will there be a guarantee replacement of trees if one doesn’t survive? Watering seven trees for 6 mos at $11,000+ is high – possibly an error? DDA should get a few other bids – Thanks Bob

    • It seems high to me as well. And why not waterbags that are refilled once every two weeks? Mary Jo suggested we just pay a landscaper to refill them every now and then.

      I think for now we should focus on the other location for the trees, along Dixie adjacent to City Hall. Most of those pits have irrigation, so that is one less objection to hear from the powers that be. Once we are successful with one planting, we can circle back to Datura Street I hope.
      I need to get you the map I did of the tree pits on Dixie. I’ll try to send to you today.

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