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Sunfest transportation options

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Bike Valet

Ride your bike to SunFest and park it for free in a secure area near the festival gates. Patrons are issued claim checks and staff members guard them in a secure corral. Thebike valet service is located on North Clematis Street at Centennial Square and the fountain, near SunFest‘s Clematis Street gate. Courtesy of the Downtown Development Authority.
Get the details.

Water Taxi
SunFest is not just for land-bound travelers. Boaters are always welcome to anchor in the Intracoastal Waterway in front of the SunFest site and take the water taxi to the festival’s waterfront gate. Anchor on the east side of the buoy line and hail the taxi on VHF channel 10. 
This service is run by Tow Boat U.S. and there is a $5 round-trip fee associated with the taxi ride.  
Get all the details including fees and how-tos!


Other Ways to get to SunFest
Downtown WPB Trolley 
Bus stops and schedules.


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