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AAF’s WPB Terminal Needs More Design Options

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This alternative design concept for the West Palm Beach station shows one street closing rather than two, and emphasizes the station with a terminated vista on Evernia Street. Our WPB station deserves to be well-thought out like the recently unveiled Miami station.
As stated from the AAF press release:
“In Miami, the passenger rail system will be elevated 50 feet to align with existing public transportation systems, with retail spaces located beneath the tracks. This bold and innovative design allows thru-streets to remain open to traffic and creates an atmosphere of walkability, while creating a landmark terminal—a symbol of a 21st-century Miami.”

Closing a street may be inevitable in West Palm Beach. But we must demand good urban design in exchange.

Timothy Hullihan, architect and freelance writer

AAF's WPB Terminal Needs More Design Options

The above drawing compares AAF’s proposal for its West Palm Beach transit terminal to a possible alternative that would allow Datura Street to remain open. The alternative design accepts the closing of Evernia Street and recognizes that there are numerous urban planning opportunities to a single street closing. Among them is the creation of a mega-block design that can place the new passenger terminal on axis with the remaining portions of Evernia Street. This creates the footprint upon which a dynamic architectural feature could be added to the views east and west on Evernia, rather than the “after thought” design that is presently proposed.

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