Join Strong Towns today! Help America’s towns become financially strong and resilient

If you’re following the blog and are interested in the ideas we’re talking about, I encourage you to support Strong Towns today by becoming a member.  This week is the Strong Towns membership drive and they are growing a grassroots organization that is changing the conversation about cities and the model of economic growth we have been following. From their mission statement:

The Mission

The mission of Strong Towns is to support a model for growth that allows America’s towns to become financially strong and resilient.

The American approach to growth is causing economic stagnation and decline along with land use practices that force a dependency on public subsidies. The inefficiencies of the current approach have left American towns financially insolvent, unable to pay even the maintenance costs of their basic infrastructure. A new approach that accounts for the full cost of growth is needed to make our towns strong again.


What started as a blog by Chuck Marohn has grown into a movement. It’s a movement that defies categorization into the usual left/right boxes. It’s inherently bottom-up and locally led, and their membership drive reflects this ethos. Rather than being dependent on a couple of large nonprofit grants, the organization is seeking to diversify their revenue sources and be funded largely by individual memberships.

Strong Towns has had a strong impact on the conversation already. The word “stroad” was coined by Strong Towns and has gained notoriety. “Black Friday Parking” was a fun crowdsourced experiment to show the absurdity of mandated parking minimums. The podcast is essential – the best podcast out there for the urbanist nerd, without question. And of course the infamous “Conversation with an Engineer” video, which has been viewed over 230,000 times on YouTube.

If you like the work Strong Towns is doing, I strongly encourage you to join this organization and support the cause.

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