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New Urbanism 101

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Another thought-provoking piece from Tim Hullihan’s blog about the All Aboard Florida station in downtown West Palm Beach. As our City leaders and planning department engages with All Aboard Florida, let’s hope these considerations are kept front and center.

Timothy Hullihan, architect and freelance writer

City Planners of the past understood many things that New Urbanists are trying to reteach us today.  For close to 35 years now, New Urbanists have help numerous cities and towns bring back the charm and comfort to neighborhoods and city streets that was common place before the automobile made us blind to the benefits of a pedestrian lifestyle.

Some of the most important lessons to be relearned show how urban planning and architecture must work together for the highest and best results.  The importance of bringing focus to beautifully designed public buildings, for example, is an important component in developing and sustaining community pride.  Pride in one’s community is, after all, “the origin of all great works” in a community, as the 17th Century British architect Sir Christopher Wren so aptly put it.

Many historic town plans, and some of those newly created and restored by New Urbanists, place…

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