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One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward

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This reblog expresses the discontent well from the All Aboard Florida station ‘reveal’. What should have been a celebratory moment was an unfortunate letdown. Many in the WPB community have expressed their disappointment with the initial design, and Tim captures the essence of that disappointment.

Timothy Hullihan, architect and freelance writer

By Timothy Hullihan

Taking one step forward and two steps backward is the same as moving backward.  Even though the steps forward are publicized as progressive and the steps backward swept under the rug, the reality is still the same.  Such is the City of West Palm Beach’s commitment to New Urbanism and the creation of a world class, walkable city.  Our city has lost its way.

Many of the lessons of New Urbanism, that are re-energizing urban centers across America, come from the study and appreciation for the philosophical notion of place making. The places we are most comfortable in and, therefore, most desirous to spend time in, have a strong sense of place that connects us spiritually or existentially with it.  For many of us, we can understand this notion through the context of our primary residence, especially if it is a home that we have lived…

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