Federal Highway Administration endorses NACTO Urban Street Design Guide, 10′ travel lanes

The tide is turning. The auto-only mobility model is being challenged as people are seeing the diminishing returns of ever-expanding subsidized roadways. The public return on investment just isn’t good enough. The sooner Palm Beach County and FDOT Southeast Florida get on board, the better off we will be as a region. The NACTO Urban Street Design Guide endorses 10′ travel lanes, as recommended by Jeff Speck in his forthcoming walkability report.

When FHWA gives the green light, there are no more excuses left.

From Streetsblog:
FHWA to Engineers: Go Ahead and Use City-Friendly Street Designs
by Tanya Snyder

NACTO’s Urban Street Design Guide includes engineering guidance for transit boulevards.
The heavyweights of American transportation engineering continue to warm up to design guides that prioritize walking, biking, and transit on city streets. On Friday, the Federal Highway Administration made clear that it endorses the National Association of City Transportation Officials’ Urban Street Design Guide, which features street treatments like protected bike lanes that you won’t find in the old engineering “bibles.”

FHWA “supports the use of the Urban Street Design Guide in conjunction with” standard engineering manuals such as AASHTO’s Green Book and the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), the agency said in statement released on Friday. FHWA had already endorsed NACTO’s bikeway design guide last August. The new statement extends its approval to the more comprehensive Urban Street Design Guide, which also covers measures to improve pedestrian space and transit operations.

Federal approval of what were until recently considered “experimental” street designs means that more engineers and planners will feel comfortable implementing them without fear of liability.

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