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Finally, A Chance to Talk with AAF

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A recap of last week’s meeting regarding the All Aboard Florida West Palm Beach station plan. Reblogged from Tim Hullihan’s excellent blog.

Timothy Hullihan, architect and freelance writer

By Timothy Hullihan

If you have been following my blog for the last several months, you will know that I have been advocating for a different approach from All Aboard Florida (AAF) – less arrogance and more sensitivity to the impact their 2.5 billion dollar real estate venture will have on Florida cities, towns, neighborhoods and its general quality of life.  Until Tuesday they were fervently against any public involvement in their design process, and public information was tightly controlled.

Either at the insistence of the City of West Palm Beach, or a baby step in the right direction; I was invited to one of the weekly “Tuesday at 10” meetings the City and AAF have been having for close to 2-years.  It was extremely informative.  I learned that Ana Maria Aponte, WPB’s Urban Planner, is more brilliant, sensitive and passionate about West Pam Beach than I already knew she…

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