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Bike group wants trail to parallel All Aboard Florida


Rails-to-Trail conservancy leading the charge for a multiuse trail along the FEC right of way. Get behind this campaign – sign the petition now:

Follow http://fecgreenway.org/ to keep up to date on the effort to create a rail with trail along the FEC right of way.

Real Time

downloadThe Rails to Trails Conservancy is pushing All Aboard Florida to allow for a multi-use bike and walking trail to be constructed in the Florida East Coast Railway’s right of way.

The national nonprofit group, which is dedicated to creating a network of trails, including from former rail lines, says not including a parallel pathway to All Aboard Florida “would be an outdated piece of transportation infrastructure that would fail to mitigate traffic congestion, mobility and environmental impacts.”

All Aboard Florida is a planned express passenger service between Miami and Orlando that will run 32 trains per day on the FEC tracks. The trains are expected to travel at speeds between 79 mph and 125 mph.

The plan for the additional trains includes adding a double track to much of the route.

According to a press announcement released yesterday, Rails to Trails Florida Director Ken Bryan said including walking…

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3 thoughts on “Bike group wants trail to parallel All Aboard Florida

  1. Brilliant! Keep up the pressure.


    • Definitely. Have you read the NPR stories about the arrests in Overtown, Miami? People need to cross the tracks in populated urban areas (duh!), and FECI has been arresting hundreds of people in a very poor neighborhood.

      A Rail with Trail can potentially help with some of these social equity issues by acknowledging that people will use the FEC ROW and they need to be safely accomodated. They have a very good track record as well.
      I’d like to see FEC add some ped crossings in strategic locations, such as Speck recommends in his study.


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