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Clematis Street is now officially one of America’s “Ten Great Streets”

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American Planning Association names Clematis Street one of ten Great Streets in America for 2014. No surprise here! Clematis has a trophy case of awards and AGuyonClematis has been spreading the good news about Clematis for years.

Of note in the article, remaking Clematis as two lanes, two way was a turning point in the street’s resurgence:

In the early 1990s the street was converted back to a two-way street, travel lanes were reduced, intersections were raised for pedestrians, mid-block crossings were constructed, and the now iconic palms and live oaks were added

We should remember these lessons of success as we move forward and continue to make downtown West Palm Beach a better place. With the Walkability Study now complete, West Palm Beach has the plan to take Clematis and downtown to the next tier of success. It will take strong city leadership to carry it out.

Here’s to Clematis Street and its continued success!

Story from aGuyonClematis:

Clematis Street is now officially one of America’s “Ten Great Streets” | @aGuyOnClematis.

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