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A Better Quadrille Boulevard through rightsizing


A better Quadrille Boulevard is possible. And it can be done in the course of routine maintenance and resurfacing that is already scheduled. This letter presents several alternatives for FDOT to consider in its upcoming resurfacing project.

New construction of the 468 unit Loftin Place one block north of Quadrille as well as plans to develop the 550 Quadrille site will increase the importance of making Quadrille a safer, more livable street in the near future. Quadrille may not provide a highest-quality urban frontage today, but by laying the foundation for a quality place now, we increase the likelihood development will occur, and the properties along the corridor will become more valuable. Many projects are also planned for the west side of Quadrille Boulevard and they will increase foot traffic between the west and the east side of Quadrille.

A major benefit to these proposals is a seamless bike facility between Clematis Street and the island of Palm Beach will be provided. A bike facility will increase bike ridership, bike tourism, and accessibility of the A&E District. But the benefits don’t accrue to only bicyclists.  People on foot also benefit immensely from cycle tracks, with total traffic injury rates on NYC streets decreasing 12-52% on streets with protected bike lanes, according to People for Bikes.

Rightsizing Quadrille is the right thing to do. Let’s make it happen.

Please feel free to download/modify/forward this letter to your public officials, neighbors, and friends.

4 thoughts on “A Better Quadrille Boulevard through rightsizing

  1. Wow, now I see what you’ve been doing with all your time Jesse! Nice work.


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