Mandatory Walkable WPB listening: High Noon in Lake Worth with Joe Minicozzi

The fantastic “High Noon in Lake Worth” podcast by Wes Blackman interviews many of our most influential city leaders, past and present. I found a past episode in which Wes interviews Joe Minicozzi. Joe is one of my favorite people in the city-making world and his work has been very influential on me. Joe’s bio and show description, from the podcast episode:

Join your host Wes Blackman as he welcomes Joe Minicozzi to the High Noon in Lake Worth studios. He is currently is the principal of Urban3, LLC (U3), a consulting company created by the downtown Asheville real estate developer Public Interest Projects. Prior to U3, he served as the Executive Director for the Asheville Downtown Association.  Before moving to Asheville, he was the primary administrator of the Form Based Code for downtown West Palm Beach, FL [1998 – 2003].  Joe is a founding member of the Asheville Design Center, a non-profit community design center dedicated to creating livable communities across all of Western North Carolina.  He received his Bachelor of Architecture from University of Miami and Masters in Architecture and Urban Design from Harvard University.

Some topics covered

  • How the Convention Center could have been better designed to show respect for the adjacent Grandview Heights neighborhood
  • Imagine getting off the plane at PBI and taking a ferry directly from PBI Airport to the convention center and downtown. It could have happened, if not for the county crushing the plan
  • The economic harm of arbitrarily giving away development rights, and the need for a consistent, non-political framework to guide development decisions
  • Chapel by the Lake site
  • Why the focus on density and height is misplaced. It’s about design.
  • How our downtowns and urban places are our true economic engines, bringing in a tax yield that is orders of magnitude higher than suburban sprawl or big box development

If you want to understand better the dynamics that shaped and continue to shape West Palm Beach, make sure to bookmark this episode and subscribe to the High Noon in Lake Worth podcast. Joe is on the December 20, 2013 episode.

Direct link to podcast episode:–urban-plannerdesigner

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