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Avenir: Sprawl in New Urbanist Clothing

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Current Avenir plan needs to report to spring training, according to Tim Hullihan. Read his thoughts on the shortcomings of Avenir.

Timothy Hullihan, architect and freelance writer

By Timothy Hullihan

Cold snaps this time of year make Spring seem faraway.  Yet, Major Leaguers are reporting to Spring Training this week to refine their skills before the first pitch of the 2015 Season.  Avenir Holdings, LLC, the Coral Gables based developer proposing to create Palm Beach County’s 15th largest town on the 7-square mile Vavrus Ranch site, should be reporting to a version of Spring Training of their own.

Avenir Holdings has begun referring to their proposal as “New Urbanist.”  My previous article on Avenir suggested using a New Urbanist approach to create a self-sustaining, pedestrian oriented community with a tiny environmental footprint.  I believe this approach is critically important.  This large undeveloped parcel is surrounded by environmentally sensitive land that city, county and State authorities have chosen to preserve.  If it is to contribute to the long-range plan for this region of Palm Beach County that…

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