URGENT: Support Tri-Rail Coastal Link NOW!

An advocate in Miami made us aware of several crucial meetings that happen tomorrow in regard to Tri-Rail Coastal Link. Getting trains linked into downtown Miami would allow a one-seat ride from all points north (WPB, Boca, Delray Tri-Rail stations etc) right into downtown Miami, and this service could begin as early as 2016, in conjunction with All Aboard Florida. But it depends on the funding and your support.

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ACTION: Contact the Miami-Dade Citizens’ Independent Transportation Trust to support Tri-Rail into Downtown Miami in 2016 by cutting and pasting the message below and emailing to CSCURR@miamidade.gov.   Do it now! The meeting is tomorrow, March 18th.

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Subject: Support Tri-Rail Connection to Downtown Miami at MiamiCentral

Mr. Charles Scurr


Executive Director

Citizens’ Independent TransportationTrust

Miami-Dade County, Florida

Dear Mr. Scurr:

Please share during the meetings on March 18, 2015 of the Joint Strategic & Financial Planning and Project & Financial Review Committees (3pm) and the Citizens’ Independent Transportation Trust (6pm) my most sincere support for your contribution to the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA) for station and infrastructure improvements to accommodate future Tri-Rail Service at the MiamiCentral Station.

The opportunity for Tri-Rail to provide 26 direct trains per weekday from all points north on the existing Tri-Rail system to Downtown Miami is critical to the future development of public transit in Miami-Dade County. This is a smart investment in Miami’s transportation and economic future since it will not only realize Tri-Rail service to Downtown Miami, but also integrate All Aboard Florida, Metrorail, MetroMover, the Miami-Dade County bus system and Tri-Rail into an intermodal transit center with connections to all parts of Miami-Dade County, South Florida and even to Orlando and the Central Florida area.

This transit hub will further enhance development in Downtown Miami and further assure the viability of other projects like Museum Park, American Airlines Arena, Adrienne Arsht Center, World Center Miami and the World Center Convention Center by bringing millions of new visitors from the Tri-County area to patronize these projects.

This may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to propel our public transit system into the 21st Century.  Please support contributing to the SFRTA effort to bring Tri-Rail Service to Downtown Miami at the MiamiCentral Station.

Let’s make this connection!




  1. Rural and restless

    I am against this proposed expansion of services without reduction of Tri Rail commuter trains to allow for now more congestion of eastern communities using the East/West routes that the Tri Rail disabled each passing. More city and county planning is needed to releive this issue before we should agree on the terms presently being produced.

    • Rural and restless

      I wish to qualify my statement more so by adding that the increased presence on the railways should be limited to a modified off peak schedule. Example being the same quantity of trains during normal rush and increased trains non-rush periods. I know the aim is to adjust behavioral choices to use more public transportation, but those that must travel to areas outside the metro lines (which in Palm Beach is about everywhere 5 miles past I95) are forced to swallow the time consumption pill due to the added disruptions of the key arteries east and west. I wanted all to understand this is a valued opinion, not a attempt to nah say the whole idea.

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  3. R. G

    I support this Tri rail project and i would like to add that it would be important to have (according to the map above) the blue line to run from Mangonia or Jupiter all the way to Miami airport, so that people who are planning to travel up to Miami Airport will not have to switch trains while pulling/holding all the luggage, let’s make it easier for travelers. Also this line will need to stop close to West Palm Beach Airport. What about to study in a future a possible fast connection WPB to Miami to benefit West communities as well?? To benefit people to travel to Hospitals, Universities, etc located at west, say, Veteran Hospital, Palm West, Delray and Boca Medical Center, Coral Springs Hospital, Sawgrass Mall, Ikea, etc

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