Not to be missed: “The Wealth of Cities” in Delray Beach with Chuck Marohn, Joe Minicozzi, and John Norquist

Chuck Marohn, Founder of Strong Towns.

Joe Minicozzi, Principal at Urban3 and former West Palm Beach urban designer (1998-2003).

John Norquist, Past President of the Congress for the New Urbanism, former Mayor of Milwaukee, now affiliated with FAU.

I cannot imagine a stronger lineup of speakers to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing our cities. Chuck and Joe are two of the biggest influences on my thinking about cities and development, and John Norquist has had a tremendous influence as past president of The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU).

I’m a proud CNU member as well as an Enthusiast and regular content contributor to Strong Towns. Just about everything that is done on this blog is informed and educated by the groundwork laid by these organizations and these individuals.

Don’t miss this one folks!!


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