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Front Loading Value is a Mistake

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Reblogging this excellent piece from fellow Strong Towns member and blogger Johnny Sanphillippo of the blog “Granola Shotgun”. This piece holds excellent insights into waterfront cities and lessons we can carry into waterfront development here in West Palm Beach. Here’s an excerpt:

“The difference is that even the most remote house in Island Heights still has access to the water. Not everyone can see it, but it’s there. People pay extra for that kind of thing. Kids can ride their bikes to the river. The elderly can walk along the promenade. Families can enjoy picnics at the gazebo. People can fish or dip their toes in the water. That thin sliver of open space adds huge value to every single house in the entire town.”

Granola Shotgun

Some friends recently took a trip to Laughlin, Nevada for a few days. Laughlin and the adjacent town of Bullhead City, Arizona are on the Colorado River where Arizona, Nevada, and California converge. Laughlin earns its living by being a closer, smaller, less expensive version of Las Vegas. It’s a reasonable drive from the population centers of southern California and does a brisk business with retirement age folks. Bullhead City is a quiet retirement/vacation destination that benefits from lower land costs and favorable Arizona tax policies relative to California. Federal and state dams, reservoirs, hydro power stations, and interstate highways make this patch of desert wasteland habitable. If you’re looking for a quiet, sunny, affordable place to settle down and collect your pension with a few casinos down the road this might just be Nirvana.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 12.50.24 PM Google unnamed-5 Google

The primary attraction in Bullhead City, other than nearby Laughlin casinos, is the…

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