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Here’s what you can do NOW to support Tri-Rail Coastal Link!



You’ve seen what’s possible when a group of citizens speak up and ask for healthier, more livable communities. Tomorrow is a HUGE day. The transformative project, Tri-Rail Coastal Link, is on the agenda of the Miami City Commission.

Will Miami leaders close a small funding gap, #BringTriRailDowntown and make the #TriRailCoastalLink possible? It’s up to YOU!

Let’s bring Tri-Rail into Downtown Miami at the All Aboard Florida‘s new MiamiCentral Station.

EMAIL the Miami Commissioners. Copy and paste these emails and send a message of support!! The items are #11 and 12 (Tri-Rail).
wgort@miamigov.com, msarnoff@miamigov.com, fsuarez@miamigov.com, fcarollooffice@miamigov.com, KHardemon@miamigov.com, tregalado@miamigov.com, citymanager@miamigov.com

RSVP (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/events/1136576643025221/

1) Commissioner Wifredo Gort, Chair
• wgort@miamigov.com
• (305) 250-5430

2) Commissioner Marc Sarnoff
• msarnoff@miamigov.com
• (305) 250-5333

3) Commissioner Francis Suarez
• fsuarez@miamigov.com
• (305) 250-5420

4) Commissioner Frank Carollo
• fcarollooffice@miamigov.com
• (305) 250-5380

5) CommissionerKeon Hardemon
• KHardemon@miamigov.com
• (305) 250-5390

6) Mayor Tomas P. Regalado
• tregalado@miamigov.com
• (305) 250-5300

7) City Manager Daniel J. Alfonso
• citymanager@miamigov.com
• (305) 416-1025

2 thoughts on “Here’s what you can do NOW to support Tri-Rail Coastal Link!

  1. Some friends, some relatives and I all of us from West Palm Beach highly support both projects, to bring the tri rail to downtown miami and the coastal link that is development for the tri counties!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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