Walkable West Palm Beach

Walkable West Palm Beach featured on WPTV


I was featured today in a piece by reporter Brian Entin of WPTV. The report focuses on FDOT’s decision to provide better bike facilities on the Flagler Bridge; a change Walkable WPB has been advocating since earlier this year.

Link to the video.

From the story:

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – It’s proof one voice can make a big difference.

A downtown West Palm Beach bicyclist and walkability blogger wrote the Florida Department of Transportation concerned about the small shoulder serving as a bike lane in the new Flagler Memorial Bridge plans.

And the response he received in the mail shocked him.

“It is always kind of surprising when FDOT responds positively to a request like this,” Jesse Bailey said.
// In a letter to Bailey, FDOT engineers acknowledged his ideas and even implemented most of them.

“The project is well underway, they have already commenced construction, and for them to make the changes at the last minute is very commendable,” Bailey said.

Among the changes to the 94 million dollar project include reducing the vehicle lanes from 12 to 11 feet, adding a two foot buffer, and also including a six-foot bike lane.

News of the changes spread to area bike shops.

“We are thoroughly happy. It will make the bridge safer not only for competitive cyclists, but for moms, dads, and children,” owner of Top Cycle Palm Beach Patrick Poupart said.

The Flagler Bridge project is expected to be finished in 2016.

4 thoughts on “Walkable West Palm Beach featured on WPTV

  1. Thank you Jesse – you’re on it! And thanks for all your support in working with the broader community! Jeanne & Bob

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  2. Jesse:

    I wish the story mentioned some folks at the DOT by name. That is always helpful to give credit to specific people.


    John David Corey Boston Investment & Development Charles Street Station PO Box 140371 Boston, MA 02114 617-720-1615 johncorey84@gmail.com http://www.bidre.com



  3. Great work Jesse! Thank you for nudging Mr. O’Reilly and FDOT District 4 into the 20th Century. Now we need them to help sustain their enlightened perspective, and not let the North Bridge design improvements be an isolated exception. A walkable, bikeable Quadrille Boulevard, for example, would extend the improved bridge design to the surface street it connects to in Downtown WPB. Connectivity and continuity of ped/bike friendly streets is essential to broader, long-range and sustainable results.

    Keep up the fight!!

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