Cycling Copenhagen, Through North American Eyes – A Streetfilms production

In anticipation of Gehl Architects coming to West Palm Beach next week, we’ll be sharing numerous videos of Danish cycling, starting with this fantastic video from StreetFilms, titled “Cycling Copenhagen, through North American Eyes”. Having had the fortune to ride a bicycle with my wife for several days in Copenhagen while staying with friends, I can attest to the accuracy of this video. Mayor Muoio and DDA Director Raphael Clemente no doubt experienced something similar on their recent trip to Copenhagen.


If you’ve never seen footage of the Copenhagen people riding bikes during rush hour – get ready – it’s quite a sight, as nearly 38% of all transportation trips in Copenhagen are done by bike. With plenty of safe, bicycle infrastructure (including hundreds of miles of physically separated cycletracks) its no wonder that you see all kinds of people on bikes everywhere. 55% of all riders are female, and you see kids as young as 3 or 4 riding with packs of adults.

Much thanks to the nearly two dozen folks who talked to us for this piece. You’ll hear astute reflections from folks like Jeff Mapes (author of “Pedaling Revolution”), Martha Roskowski (Program Manager, GO Boulder), Andy Clarke (President, League of American Bicyclists), Andy Thornley (Program Director, San Francisco Bike Coalition) and Tim Blumenthal (President, Bikes Belong) and Yvonne Bambrick (Executive Director, Toronto’s Cyclists Union) just to name drop a few of the megastars.


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