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Zipcar comes to West Palm Beach


Great news: Zipcar, the popular carshare provider, is now in downtown West Palm Beach. The cars are located in special on-street parking spaces that were created when Evernia Street was restriped to angled parking.


Zipcar should make it that much easier for households to ditch one car or even go car-free. South Florida has a well deserved reputation for being a car dependent place, but West Palm Beach, especially downtown and the close-in historic neighborhoods, is an exception. This is great addition to the many mobility options downtown.

Walkable West Palm Beach was provided a special promotion to share with our readership. Sign up now and get free driving time.



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2 thoughts on “Zipcar comes to West Palm Beach

  1. Wish I had seen this offer! Signed up early last week when looking for what happened to Enterprise CarShare. Excited for ZipCar to be downtown!

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