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FDOT Complete Streets Implementation Plan has been published

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FDOT sent a tweet this morning, announcing the publication of the Complete Streets Implementation Plan. I’ve uploaded the PDF document to the Reference section of the blog.

[tweet https://twitter.com/MyFDOT/status/674245197434380291]


FDOT Complete Streets Implementation Plan

This comes at a opportune moment, as today the Palm Beach MPO is hosting a Complete Streets workshop in downtown West Palm Beach with key stakeholders. Local governments, the Palm Beach MPO, Broward County, and now FDOT have implemented a Complete Streets policy. According to the draft Palm Beach MPO Complete Streets Draft Policy Statement:

The Palm Beach MPO aims to achieve a safe and convenient transportation network by implenting Complete Streets within the context of our county’s diverse communities. The Palm Beach MPO will seek to promote Complete Streets by prioritizing the funding of Complete Street infrastructure projects, providing educational opportunities, and encouraging local jurisdictions to adopt and implement local Complete Streets policies.

One of the most important lynchpins to implementing safer streets is Palm Beach County, as the most dangerous suburban arterials are under county jurisdiction. County adoption of a Complete Streets policy needs to be a focus for advocates. Between MPO, Broward County, and FDOT guidance, there is plenty of guidance and no reason adoption of a Complete Streets policy cannot happen quickly in Palm Beach County. Please visit Complete Streets Palm Beach to get involved. Facebook page



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