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Gabe Klein, “Start Up City”

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For city nerds, tech geeks, policy wonks, and entrepreneurs alike – Listen to this fascinating podcast with Gabe Klein, former head of Chicago and DC departments of transportation. Gabe Klein discusses themes from his new book called Start Up City on this recent episode of the Talking Headways podcast, a Streetsblog production. Along with the Strong Towns podcast, these are my two go-to sources for what matters in the world of land use, transportation, and cities.

Some topics discussed:

  • Why in the future we’ll look back at the era of car domination in our cities with horror
  • Why it’s so important for a city’s engineering department to report to its planning department, and not the other way around
  • Why it is important to create a transportation department, and important to hire energetic people to carryout plans
  • How technology can help facilitate better and more livable cities, if deployed properly
  • Why we must lead the vision for what we want our cities to be in the future, rather than the dominant technology leading for us, as happened with the automobile
  • The importance of a startup approach to development of projects — testing iteratively, at low cost and low risk
  • How creating vibrant cities with sustainable transportation is good for economic health, and should appeal to free market oriented types

Lots of takeaways here. Looking forward to reading this book soon.


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