West Palm supports US1 redesign with $2.5m grant filing

Yesterday was a milestone for the City of West Palm Beach: The City Commission voted unanimously to support the TCRPC application to the MPO to redesign South Dixie from Okeechobee to Albemarle.

This project is a great example of community leaders and institutions organizing to advocate for a more livable and more walkable street. Very excited to see it moving forward. Many kudos to Commissioner Paula Ryan for her leadership in this effort.

Story: West Palm supports US1 redesign with $2.5m grant filing


  1. Rob

    “making much of the stretch more bicycle-friendly”

    Let’s hope that includes protected/separated bike lanes, not just sharrows or doorzone lanes. West Palm Beach would see a dramatic reduction in traffic during the busy tourist seasons if whole families felt confident cycling safely. And that only comes with a network of protected lanes.

    • I agree with the need for a network of protected bike lanes. I’m a big supporter of the Dutch/Danish approach. That said, im not sure this is the most important priority in this ROW. With limited space here and good slower traffic parallel routes, I think we may be better off putting a good network of bike infra on Lake/Flagler/Olive etc

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