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Walkability talk, with Eric Jacobsen

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Next Thursday, UniverCity is hosting author and pastor Eric Jacobsen for a free talk on walkability.

This should be a very interesting conversation that bridges various communities in the city. Eric Jacobsen has been featured on the Strong Towns podcast, in which he discusses his book “The Space Between: A Christian Engagement with The Built Environment”.  He also wrote the highly regarded book “Sidewalks in the Kingdom”. From the Amazon book review:

Christians often talk about claiming our cities for Christ and the need to address urban concerns. But according to Eric Jacobsen, this discussion has remained far too abstract. Sidewalks in the Kingdom challenges Christians to gain an informed vision for the physical layout and structure of the city. Jacobsen emphasizes the need to preserve the nourishing characteristics of traditional city life, including shared public spaces, thriving neighborhoods, and a well-supported local economy. He explains how urban settings create unexpected and natural opportunities to initiate friendship and share faith in Christ.

Eric is a member of the Congress of the New Urbanism and resides in Tacoma, Washington, where he is Senior Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. A big thanks to Palm Beach Tech Association for hosting this event in their collaborative workspace in downtown WPB and to UniverCity for organizing the event. UniverCity is an initiative of Providencia Church in West Palm Beach. More details are available at the UniverCity website.

See you there!

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