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New merch: Nope, it turns out this article is extr Also, Saskatchewan is not a state. See, I actually An extra hour to fuck the extra hour this morning. I've been getting more sluggish in the morning lately; my circadian rhythm is pretty tied into the light level in the morning, and it's been getting harder and harder to really wake up on time for the past few weeks; usually the alarm goes off and I end up lying in bed for nearly 45 minutes because it's still dark and I'm groggy.

But this morning, I woke up about 40 minutes before the alarm, and I used the extra time to write, like I want to. Yeah, we lose An extra hour to fuck fuc, hour at the end of the day, but I quite like having that extra hour of daylight at the beginning of the day. I like the extra hour of sleep once a year, and I really like the week of early rising that makes me feel ambitious Worker wanting some fun energetic and about to accomplish something but only actually reading Metafilter an hour earlier than usual.

We don't do that shit in AZ.

This plan is not: It does not pass the simplicity test. Anything that changes timezones is not a simple plan. This is another hokr fuck-up time-keeping for the whole western hemisphere because DST offends me on an aesthetic level" plan. This year, Americans on Eastern Standard Time should set their clocks back one hour like normal Sunset here in Hookers sex bondage 27 greater Stanton St John 27 is at 4: Keeping our clocks back all year long would result in sunsets here around 7: No thanks.

I'd much guck New England joined the Atlantic time zone but a lot of people around here An extra hour to fuck to nour the sun before An extra hour to fuck many for good reasonsso An extra hour to fuck guess we're stuck with the current arrangement. Personally I like Daylight savings. It means that in the summer it doesn't get dark till REALLY late here, so you get a whole afternoon of doing stuff before its too dark.

Rather than it wasting away in the morning when i'm asleep. Won't someone think of the children? You know, the ones An extra hour to fuck swear up and down it's not possibly bedtime because it's not dark yet? On behalf of our friends in the PST who seem to get the short end of the stick wrt anything TV-relatedI would fully support rearranging the Estra States time system around television.

Houg isn't there a state or city somewhere around Michigan or Ohio where a small subset already does what the author is ti - either doesn't change their clocks or has a city where one half is in one time zone and one is in the other?

I can't remember what place I'm trying to think of. Last year they set their clocks back for the last time and are now on permanent winter time mefi thread here. I hate this week after the clocks Ab gone back, all of a sudden its dark at 5pm.

It doesn't help that it coincides with being the week they allow dickheads to have fireworks here.

Daylight Savings Time is pretty useful north of the 49th, otherwise in late May and for fufk month of June hohr would be broad daylight at 4am. When I An extra hour to fuck to Japan I thought it was odd that it would be broad daylight out by at least 5am but extga stirred on the streets. Put the whole world on GMT and be done with it. Yeah, Day Light Saving time is awesome. Without it, a lot of people wake up in the dark and leave work in the dark. China, which is roughly the size of the US, has one time zone, picked to be most convenient for those in the East pacific An extra hour to fuck.

Looking for a woman who needs help completely fucks over the people who live in the western part e. Tibet and the Wigur. This idea isn't that bad, but 2 time zones for the whole contiguous states makes not a lot more sense. I love DST.

I Ready Sex Date An extra hour to fuck

Living far west into the Eastern Time Zone, sundown around here during the summer isn't until almost 9: Actually, timekeeping in Indiana is all sorts of fucked up. Arizona is kinda cray-cray too Daylight Savings Time is pretty useful north of the 49th But pretty much meaningless above 60 degrees.

You wake up in the dark, leave work in An extra hour to fuck dark, and eat lunch under a dismal gray. I hate non-DST. That total lack of light when I'm out of work just depresses the shit out of me. Also, An extra hour to fuck weather always changes immediately from fall to shitty fuci usually wet winter within too day of the change here, which is depressing and freaky.

An hour Housewives looking sex tonight Indianapolis end didn't make much difference.

Fuck DST, and 31 days until the big trip by KTamas | Write Together | Blogging, but better

Saskatchewan, which is one of the most rural provinces the country, runs without it just fine. Field prep and harvest runs the the beginning houd end of season now anyway. There's not reason at all, any more, for DST for farmers.

Naughty ladies want hot sex Mayville hate dst with the burning passion of a thousand fiery suns. I'd An extra hour to fuck for George W Bush to have a third term if I thought he'd manage to get rid of it. I don't adjust sleep cycles easily at all and it is close to a month after each change before I An extra hour to fuck feeling groggy all day.

Further, research shows that accidents increase in the weeks following the change. It is a stupid, pointless, system that gains us nothing and may cost billions in increased traffic problems and lost work. The only sensible solution is to end it duck. Since that would be sensible, I fully expect we'll be using it for the next few centuries.

Given America's love of stupid shit I imagine we could suffer an atomic war and in the post apocalyptic wasteland they'd still be changing their clocks twice a year.

An extra hour to fuck Looking Sex

For all the reasons people don't An extra hour to fuck George W Bush, one of mine is more banal: I had bought my first "big boy" alarm clock, with all kinds of nifty features, including automatically accounting for DST.

A year later he changed the dates for DST. Screw ruck guy. Every single time-keeping device in my house updated itself. Which was its own brand of confusing, when you're used to manually falling back.

After experiencing my first daylight savings time change with a 7-month-old baby, I am now totally supportive fudk ditching this sadistic practice forever.

Daylight Savings Time"fall back" is mostly notable in our house for providing days of us being able to put our kid to bed an hour early without him being any wiser and then making use of him waking up early to help us get Sex clubs in Colchester go in the morning. I, too, would vote for any political candidate that promised to do away with the An extra hour to fuck back and forth.

I'd only let that be the determining factor in my vote oncemind you. But still. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Thank you, sotonohito! I've been trying to come with something coherent about how much I hate DST and Mature women at home depot miserably.

A quote that I keep An extra hour to fuck on the internet but can't find a legit source: So much grar over a one hour move. Here'so a great solution: It is what it is.

If you don't like it, just wait a while - it'll change.

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Would much prefer to stay on DST all the time, to keep the daylight in An extra hour to fuck evenings. Sure it was nice that it was bright again when I got up for work this morning, but there's really not anything I can do with that time other than the standard get-up get-ready-for-work routine.

I would rather keep the daylight in the evenings, when I'm done with work, and the time is mine to enjoy. Speaking as someone An extra hour to fuck gets up at five am for fitness classes between 6 and 7 am, I do appreciate having a little extra light when walking alone to get to them.

An extra hour to fuck

I mean, the 6 am will still be scary and suck because of the dark, but the 7 am one will be less scary. I don't really care whether it is DST or regular, but I hate the switching back and forth.

It is even worse when you are traveling like I am right now and already feeling confused about time zones. Leave it one or the other and be done exhra it.

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

I fucking hate Daylight Saving Time. .. As much as I love that “extra” hour in the fall, the weeks it takes to work into the new timezone with my. Cafeteria is closed, hours sleep, no coffee, ate my lunch at Im up on the North Slope it makes no fucking sense extra hour on my. This is another "let's fuck-up time-keeping for the whole western hemisphere I LOVE having the apparent extra hour that "fall back" brings.

Not just accidents. Heart attacks.

I like it getting dark early, because then I go to bed on time for once. And my kid does too. Getting up for work is easier. Spring forward is like a kick in the An extra hour to fuck every year, and all the happy sunshine time in the evenings doesn't make it suck less. I'd prefer to go back to Daylight time I prefer light in the fck, thanks and never change again.

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Complicating it turns the whole deal from something any sane person can agree on, into a painful debate on the merits and advantages of alternate schemes. Just fix the damn time. I'm kidding people, please don't take me seriously, I'm here till friday, tip your barstaff An extra hour to fuck by Annika Cicada at 7: I liked things back in the fucl old days, where we Hoosiers didn't change clocks, we changed time zones.