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City level

Mayor and commission

Jeri Muoio, Mayor
Phone (561) 822-1400 | Email

Sylvia Moffett, District 1 Commissioner
Phone (561) 822-1390 | Email

Isaac Robinson Jr., District 2 Commissioner
Phone (561) 822-1390 | Email

Kimberly Mitchell, District 3 Commissioner
Phone (561) 822-1390 | Email

Keith A. James, District 4 Commissioner
Phone (561) 822-1390 | Email

Shanon Materio, District 5 Commissioner
Phone (561) 822-1390 | Email

City Staff

Ana-Maria Aponte, City Urban Designer for the downtown area, administers the Downtown Master Plan

Phone (561)-822 1439 |

Danielle Slaterpryce, Director Engineering & Public Works
Phone (561)-494-1089 |

Brian Collins, City Traffic Engineer
Phone (561) 494-1040 | Email

Downtown Action Committee

Member Name

Mr. Roger Janssen, Chairperson
Mr. John Sickler, Vice-Chairperson
Mr. Joseph Crossen, Member
Mr. Timothy Harris, Member
Mr. David Carpenter
Ms. Lynn Solomon, Alternate
Mr. Konrad Kwok, Alternate

Planning and Zoning Board

Member Name
Mr. Steven Mayans, Chairperson
Mr. Gregg Weiss, Vice-Chairperson
Mr. Charles Jackson, Member
Ms. Virginia Dominicis, Member
Dr. Jeffrey Kotzen, Member
Mr. Keith Spina, Member
Mr. Keith Williams, Member
Mr. Todd McLeod, Alternate


County level

All county commissioners email 


County Engineer George Webb
(561) 684-4018 | or



State level

FDOT Secretary Anath Prasad
Phone (850)-414-4100 |




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  7. Claire Moreau

    To whom it may concern………Evernia Place for seniors, with all the planning and studying of how to improve our city I’m shocked to see that the planners are remiss and not in compliance with handicap ramps in and around this building except only at the street corner of Evernia and Sapodilla. There is no place for a van or bus to let down a ramp from the vehicle. Yes there is beautiful landscaping but Evernia Place is for seniors of which most have walking disabilities and more, need to have better access to their front door!

    I am one of the new residents and am thrilled to live in this beautiful place. I use an electric scooter and take the bus often. The drivers are not allowed to drop us handicapped people off in the street!!! I am retired now, but was a commissioner for the handicapped in the Town of South Yarmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I know what the ADA laws are, I helped putting that law into effect.

    In addition, we tenants here have very important deliveries of medical and food supplies including home-care workers, social workers and nurses who must pay the parking meters before entering out building, WHOA! How utterly inconvenient and unfair! I firmly believe the city of West Palm Beach should re-study this problem in depth.

    Yes, they are allowed to enter our under the building garage BUT that means that a frail senior has to take the elevator down to the ground floor and open the garage gate. That’s fine for personal company but not for necessary deliveries of life saving equipment. Please folks lets get some help here…………

    • Claire,
      Thank you for the comment and for reading the blog, and welcome to the neighborhood!

      I wish I could answer your questions, but I don’t work at the city – this is an advocacy blog. I would encourage you to send your concerns to the city urban designer, Ana Maria Aponte. Her email is:
      Also, Kimberly Mitchell is our downtown commissioner. Her email is:

      I would also encourage you and your neighbors to join the Downtown Neighborhood Association. You can learn more and join online at:

      Hope to see you at one of our functions soon. I serve on the Board of Directors.

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