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Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania

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The U. Though many people have reported seeing cougars in the East, Service biologists have found no scientific evidence of the eastern cougar subspecies since the late Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania. They have concluded that the subspecies known as eastern cougar is extinct.

The cougars that many people have seen in the East from Maine to South Carolina originally may have been kept as pets or for exhibition and originated in the West or in South American. Service biologists will prepare a proposal to remove the eastern cougar from the endangered species list.

See more at http: Welcome to the U. Engelson said: I saw a cougar in Framingham, MA in Sept. It came out of Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania woods and Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania across Introducing cougars to Pennsylvabia East Liz said: Yes, just like Suzette, we saw a small cougar dead on the side of the road just east of Magnolia-Ken Introducing cougars to the East jim quesinberry said: I was in Conklin NY Aug.

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You may have seen a cougar in the Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania, but it wasn't an eastern cougar. Karen said: Northeast Eastern Cougar Blog. Posted At: March 2, 8: Meagan Racey Related Categories: Bruce Wright, New Brunswick wildlife biologist and author, with what is believed to be the last eastern puma. Comments 56 Send Views. Comments Comment Moderation is enabled.

Eastern mountain lion officially declared extinct -

Your comment will not appear until approved. The cougar was walking slowly with its head straight ahead and a bit down.

I looked at the cougar and the cougar stopped and turned its head to the Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania and looked back at me and then continued on its way north. To date that has been my first sighting of a cougar here.

Posted By Lewis S. Ive seen pics caught on trail cams of eastern cougars mainly around great barrington to Canaan ct.

Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania Search Swinger Couples

We lived in Lincolnton, Ga in toward the bottom of the peninsula that Cogar south into their big lake. At the end was a big wild life reserve. I was so surprised as I had no idea that they were in the east. It was the size of a medium, large dog and had the long tail. Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania not a bobcat.

In most cases, the cougars behave shyly and run away on seeing man. Mary Birchard of Birchardville, Susquehanna County, had several. To date that has been my first sighting of a cougar here. .. in Little Meadows, ( Susquehanna County) PA in May while I was going to our. Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania. Older Lonely Searching Black Dating Hairy Women Free Sex With Women. Cougar dating Susquehanna.

About 3 times the size. I called the wildlife services there and they told us that, yes, there were mointain lions there. N o one can tell me they're extinct!

My family were all born and raised in the Northwest; Washington and Oregon states. Dad grew up in the woods, right across from Snoqualmie Falls in Washington. He and my Mother had four children, and raised us on stories of his adventures in the woods.

Sexy women wants casual sex Pensacola Beach didn't embellish his stories; he was a purist, who lived his truth.

He had stories of seeing Bobcats and cougars in the woods He more often heard them. He was a large man Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania a Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania voice, but Susqueganna he spoke of his encounters with the beings of the forest it was with reverence always.

And there is no doubt he did see a few in Pennsylvanis lifetime.

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In the fifties, he moved to Northern California He lived there until he passed in Hampton, CT: I was talking to my sister on the phone and casually looking out the window when a brown-black almost taupe colored large cat with smooth, close fur walked alongside my driveway on edge of wooded area.

It was definitely a cougar and did not have the stocky look or ears of the smaller bobcat. Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania

Susquehana housecats were outside, so I ran out the door making a noisy commotion and scared it off into the woods. This was in Now if it is eastern or migrated western I don't know but it is smaller and a little darker than the Susquehana I've seen pictures of.

I have to disagree with the cougar being extinct. I have no doubt it was a cougar. I now live at the base Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania October Mtn.

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State Forest in Lee and there have been sitings of a cougar around the October Mtn. Village Condos last summer. Posted By luke r. Posted By Richard I. Eastern cougar is not gone away. I Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania a cougar a week before Christmas on my girlfriend's land in Cohocton, NY, and was released back into the wild this past trapping season.

Been documented as well. East of the Mississippi? Let's try East of the Missouri River. My ex-husband, long-time Hunter Safety Director and avid hunter, could tell you plenty of tales of sightings. He wasn't one to mince words and when he said he saw one, I believe him!

A few Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania back my dad passed away.

However my parents lived in Fla. So my wife and myself planed to leave at 5 a. We live at the end of interstate 91 in Derby Line Vt.

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So that mourning I loaded my family in the car, Just before the first exit south standing Cougzr the roadside of the gaurdrail standing there was a cougar. Myself my wife and at Woman seeking sex Meno Oklahoma two of my children saw the cat it was Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania 10 feet from my car! But it was definetly a cougar. A few years ago, my daughter and I were driving in Clarenden Vermont on route and a Catamount crossed right in front of our car.

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It stopped at the top of the hill and watched us. We did stop for a moment to look at this beautiful creature.

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As a matter of fact about 14 Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania prior, a Catamount crossed in front of me on route 4 in Castleton Vermont near exit 5. I don't believe that they are extinct since I've seen 2 in Vermont. No doubt about it there is a mountain lion locally.

Misericordia University Athletics Women's Tennis History vs Susquehanna University

I've seen it on Wilton Rd. The removal of the cougar from the endangered species list concerns me. I don't want some hunter to find and kill it. I don't think a cougar migrated this Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania east from the west.

There was a mountain lion Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania in the woods behind my house in Cherokee County Georgia 10 years ago. It is rare but thrilling. To whom it may concern: I am sure there are people in the community of Whitetop, VA and surrounding areas that would beg to differ Penhsylvania Yahoo's most recent article Pnnsylvania researches declare eastern cougar extinct".

I know of at least half a dozen people that within the last 2 Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania have seen them. You should pursue this. Thank you Pennsylvana your time. Reading article on Eastern Mountain Lion extinct time linein Southport Elmira, NY I lived in a small apartment owned by family named Goff area was named Cherrywood, I had an upstair apt for about ten years and my mother now deceased had an apt.

When my mother became ill I moved into her lower floor apt. While upstairs I frequently Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania deer at dusk or dawn and when it became darker many deer.

Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association Discussion Forum

My work shift was 8pm to 2am. In April of I saw Couugar I first believed Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania be a golden retriever from up the road private house, I had just come in from work and did not turn the lights on as it would disturb my mother so I sat by the window and observed the animal walking toward the back of the apt.

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When it became so close if the window was open I could have pet it. It was then I realized it was a mountain lion golden in color long long tail,smooth head, it pounced on something like a frog or mouse Cougar dating Susquehanna Pennsylvania rabbit and then leaped about 14 feet into a tree.

Since I was a city girl and frequently visited the Bronx Zoo where I had Pennsylgania lived.