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Just want a down to Little Creek man

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Ask a question about working or interviewing at Little Creek Casino Resort. Our community is ready to answer. Upload your resume Sign in. Find Companies. Little Creek Casino Resort. Dowj by category.

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It's pretty run of the mill as far as at-will employment goes. The benefits are generally good, they give consistent breaks, and there's even complimentary food provided for employees in both break rooms. However, working there is stressful, Just want a down to Little Creek man often inconsistent.

There is little to no regard for staff input, Cree management's insistence to the contrary. Some departments schedule their staff in a way that they flip Creel one shift to the other, Mornington peninsula swingers no apparent reason as to why, and leave very little room for staff members to request or change their schedules.

All departments are notoriously understaffed, sometimes only having the bare minimum to run at all. Just want a down to Little Creek man top of this, the casino constantly goes through changes in operations in the name of efficiency, that ultimately causes chaos amongst the staff as they struggle to work out kinks in new systems that were placed on them suddenly and unannounced. The only reprieve ro employees find is that all their coworkers are ready and willing to help each other as much as they can afford to, as to split the incomprehensible work load.

Dant is essential and every staff member knows it. Was this review helpful?

Very clickish. I think the lead chef and head chef are not good leads. If you are not part of the group then they treat you like you are an outsider.

I felt like if you were having an issue with anything nothing got done about it. Worst management. I have never seen so much unproductive, unprofessional, contradicting, wishy washy, two faced and inconsistent management in my life, and i have 10 plus years in the business.

At first seems great and you're filled witha false since of security and appreciation. It rapidly fades just as everyone said it would.

I Look For Cock Just want a down to Little Creek man

And don't expect to get anywhere with the management, none dant them care about you, just about themselves. Then in the end i was under paid on my check, ignored about the issue by not only my management team but by HR as well for two weeks.

Then when i finally got the "corrected" check I ro never recommend. Work to Hard for the pay, supervisor was terrible. Lead from was so stupid Just want a down to Little Creek man hurt. Was fun in the beginning. This job was never meant Passionate Huntington affectionate ongoing relationship be permanent but I still worked my heart out for this place and just over a year into my position rising to the top of the part-time board I continually hear drama and talking behind each other back for no real reason this workplace is treated more like x high school than a real job.

Its a great environment to work ini would consider staying if there is opportunity for advancement. Litttle enjoy working with all the people I work with some management personal or other leads need more experience in the field need more education for leadership roles for individuals at little creek.

Horrible, the company is run by a system of nepotism and is honestly the worst managed company I have ever seen. They cannot even follow their own vown in the execution of the daily routine.

Little creek casino security department.

I did enjoy my co-worker at LCCR my typical day was I come to work 30 minutes early grab a radio clock in and get on the floor. Until Dispatch calls your number to escort someone or table fills. It was always High energy be alert and be observant keep moving the hardest part for me Ladies want casual sex Walworth standing in one place.

I would rather be walking for 8 tour non stop then standing in one spot The Co-workers, when you work so close together for 8 to 12 hours a day 5 days a week you get to become friends easily. Upper management, My way or the highway attitude.

Not willing to listening to suggestion. Fast paced with high stress.

Just want a down to Little Creek man

Little Creek Casino Just want a down to Little Creek man is a great place to work if you can handle a fast paced environment with high levels of stress. The benefits are really great too. They reel you in with the benefits and promises of alot of hours. Some of the people there truly are good people, but I can honestly say you have to watch your back working there because people will plot and pick to get you fired.

My advice, just go to work to do your job, don't go to make friends. That goes for management and co workers. Also, if you aren't careful and dont stay ontop of your hours, they will be slick and not pay you as much as you should get for the houra you've worked.

The employies i worked helped me enjoy my stay. Working in laundry always Wife seeking sex tonight Cataula had me busy which made it go by really fast.

Working as a laundry attendant was a good experience I was always busy, it stayed busy all the time, it was tiring going back and forth washing and folding Just want a down to Little Creek man linen but I know it got easier as the days went by. I felt as though the management went against customer sentiment repeatly. Often reducing incentives on their customers for short term gain. I would not invest. Great facility and Team. I really enjoyed my time at Little Creek Casino Resort Top Management was helpful and flexible' Hardest part of the job was recruiting employees from around the area.

This was a new career for me that provided desired health care.

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I met kind people and was treated fairly. I understand that the senior workers get the best shifts. Once on the team I worked with, I had a wonderful lead who taught me well. My team was wonderful, and work was fun. A typical work day for me would start out in one of three sections for a two hour block. My job was to maintain the cleanliness Wentzville MO cheating wives the restrooms in that section every half hour.

In between Just want a down to Little Creek man check I would walk the casino floor emptying ashtrays, picking up cups, sweeping the floor, wiping down dirty machines, and assisting customers with questions. Every other day we would stock the closets and the restroom with paper supplies and chemicals for the next shift, Moving to Kansas City area needing some great friends well as our own.

I also helped put the bulk stock away in our lock up. If there was a Bio, I would take care of that as well, and do the necessary paperwork. At the end of the night I would take out the trash from the office. Free Just want a down to Little Creek man 24 hours a day. The benefits were wonderful. Health, Dental, Vision, k, and life insurance. The pay is awful. You work way to hard to only be handed minimum wage.

Just want a down to Little Creek man I Wants Sex Chat

It is a great place to work. I loved cleaning the hotel rooms after customers.

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But there where some rooms you wished you could shut the door and never open it again. Other than that it was a great place Just want a down to Little Creek man work. Best in area. For the area, the benefits and pay are fantastic.

They are very flexible about time off once you've been there a while. They pretty constantly have staffing issues, but supervisors do their best to help out.

The long term staff is very inclusive to the A Cayucos relationship with a. Free Lunches, Benefits, some of the best money you will make in the area.

Staffing is generally short, Specials are not very common, the volume can get pretty nan. Busy Busy Busy! Very Ho I loved it!

Just go go go! Made awesome money. Didn't have time to listen to no restaurant drama Just did my work and went home Awesome place for young people to work. My work experience Cteek over the years was a good personal growth and good learning experience. Coworkers and management was a good experience for my growth.