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Police in Belgium who have admitted that one of their officers was responsible for firing the shot that killed a two-year-old Iraqi Kurd Pasadena ga sexy girl last week have been accused of mishandling the investigation into her death.

A day after the officer responsible for the shooting appeared before an investigating judge, and with more details about the incident emerging, the solicitor acting for Last love come to me Belgium woman grieving parents of Mawda Shawri told the Guardian he had grave concerns over how the case was being handled.

It was revealed on Wednesday that the officer had shot into the van while it was travelling at 90kmph.

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They seem to want to justify the shooting. By then, they had already arrested the occupants of the van.

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In the past, where there have been incidents involving police, they have detained migrants beyond 48 hours in order for the investigation to be completed. Comr could have identified the driver of the van by contacting the foreign office when the migrants were in detention, and extending their detention until they had made identification, interviewed everyone and completed the initial investigation — but this was Last love come to me Belgium woman done.

They need to take responsibility for the death of Mawda.

They said the van was chased by four police vehicles — one on either side and two behind — and that the shot came from the police BBelgium to the left of the van, the bullet hitting Mawda in the cheek. Although officers tried to treat the child at the scene, it was some time before she was taken to hospital.

On Tuesday the couple were shown the post mortem report, confirming Mawda died as a result of a single gunshot wound. Mawda is the sixth refugee to die trying to cross from the continental coast into the UK since December.

The family had already have had asylum applications refused and been deported from several European lofe, including Britain and Germany, where Mawda was born. Migrants like the Shawri family often face danger from the outset, in their homeland — in this case Ranya in Iraqi Kurdistan, a country ravaged by conflict and the tyranny of Islamic State.

They were facilitated along the way by people smugglers, who typically show little regard for safety, but collect substantial sums of money via a labyrinth of banking accounts and platforms, or hawala systems.

In France and Belgium, small mafias of smugglers control the routes to Britain.

Refugees congregate in communities near Las border, from where channel crossings are made by rail, road or by boat. They sleep in tents on open wasteland and stay warm with campfires.

The smugglers harass them for money, and police regularly destroy their tents and belongings in an effort to make them move on.

Support comes from charities and volunteers who provide food, clothing and medical care. The smugglers plan crossings with military precision, acquiring an assortment of vehicles from cars to vans, into which they cram their valuable cargo.

After dark the smugglers traverse French and Belgium motorways, dodging police patrols and anti-smuggling operations. The police recognise the coe signs of migrants in transit: It is a nightly game of cat and mouse. Some migrants are intercepted by police, detained and released, while the driver is charged with people smuggling, briefly jailed and then deported.

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Others make it onboard trucks, with or without the drivers being complicit; they then face being crushed or exposed to extreme temperatures in freezer lorries, or detection by sniffer dogs and border security.

Here they are instructed to jump from bridges on to the roof of the moving train, risking decapitation as the train enters a tunnel.

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The Sunday funday fuckday has spoken to migrants who have strapped their children to their backs and attempted this dangerous feat, in desperation for a better life for their children. A recent survey by the Help Refugees organisation reported that the Calais camp contained 5, residents, including children, of whom were unaccompanied.

Just speaking about these people as victims does not seem right to me. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Refugees Human rights in focus.

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