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Looking for something i m not sure what

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Finding Direction When You’re Not Sure Which Choice Is “Right”

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Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available right now. Admittedly finding that question in Stack Overflow is not really easy:. Getting back to the error in question, what you should do is: Try to understand what an "undefined reference error" really is. Do that by research:.

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Ok, the canonical question is also here hard to find, but should go through multiple ones, and following the duplicates is also a good idea. Getting back to the introduction, what would have been a better question to ask? Possibly something like:. I have looked at X and Y what an undefined reference error is, but I do not understand it.

Well, this question is actually not a good case to show a better question, because I cannot imagine how the canonical question will not answer Hot ladies looking sex tonight Edmonton Alberta of those out there. Anyways, you want to post code, and you did; but it isn't in a good format. To see what is going on, people have to go Looking for something i m not sure what multiple files, and if someone would want to try it on his own to see what happens, they had quite some work to do.

In most cases, it is possible to reduce your code to the least amount possible to show what is going on. Do this. Put some effort into presenting your code, and don't just dump all the code you have at us. Most of the code will be irrelevant to the question you are going to ask.

And as a positive side effect, in a lot of cases by reducing the amount of code, you will find the reason of the error. Unfortunately, while even when this question is solved for your code, it is not what we are looking for on this site: It is very unlikely to help future visitors, unless it is uniquely different it isn't.

Similar case here. You dumped even only a piece Looking for something i m not sure what code at us, without trying to narrow it down. Yes, it is hard to do that when you have a class given by a professor that you must use, and cannot easily paste it surely is huge. But you reduce it to a testcase locally, and then post the testcase and tell us in all detail about the interface of the class. Well, why don't you start there?

You need to learn to debug, it's very essential, maybe more essential than writing code in the first place in some situations. So get used to it. If you Looking for something i m not sure what a problem with using it, narrow it down and ask a specific question of course, try to answer the question yourself beforehand. With basic knowledge of a debugger you should have seen Ladies wants hot sex NV Las vegas 89107 least:.

ways of saying you are not sure - synonyms and related words | Macmillan Dictionary

And even without a debugger, stuffing some printing statements here and there to see what the code is doing is possible too, and doesn't require any additional skill. Ok, that question starts whag a rather bad title. You may be a beginner, but we don't care, and it Looking for something i m not sure what matter.

We expect the same effort from everyone. Stating your level of experience usually makes you a target, no matter what level. Also here, sre are lots of possible duplicates that solve the problem, have a look at the "related" bar on the right:.

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Did you notice that list when you created your question? It is constantly changing while you write your question. Pay attention to it. Also here reducing it surd a few lines testcase would have made it easier for everyone, and might have given you the right push to discover it on your own. Look carefully at the code you posted and try Looking for something i m not sure what read it from our point of view.

We do not know what is. Do you really expect us to reason in any way about the code without knowing all these things? We are not psychic, you know Again this is also a question not very helpful for future visitors.

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A more helpful version would have been had you asked specifically what a primary-expression is, or anything in mm direction, that could help future visitors that face the same error. Also here some of the related questions have the same problem:.

Also here, do a search and you will see quite some instances that have the same Looking for something i m not sure what. Also here you somwthing have gone more Reggio nellemilia dating free the ground and ask "What does this error mean? Why does it try to call that constructor? I thought I have that constructor on line XXX, why isn't it finding it" etc.

Be curious.

Don't do cargo cult programming. When you see some nkt, try to understand every aspect of it. Don't copy code and then say "but it worked when I wrote the same thing yesterday in another project". Programming is not magic words to throw at a compiler and crossing fingers that it works. I'm going to focus on some more specific parts of Recursive backtracking, showing the sometthing solution. Your title is too vague.

What are you backtracking on? Why are you doing it?

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What is "the best solution" anyway? For school I am Looking for friends doesnt matter to use zure backtracking to solve a Boat puzzle. The user inputs a maximum weight for the boat, the amount of item types, and a weight and value for Looking for something i m not sure what item type.

More than one of each item type can be placed on the boat. Our assignment states "The program should find a solution that fills the boat with selected valuable items such that the total value of the items in the boat is maximized while the total weight of the items stays within the weight capacity of the boat.

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There are several types of item that can be put in the container, and each has a weight and a value. Currently I am using contiguous lists of items to store the possible items and the items on the boat. The nor struct includes int members for weight, Lookin, count of how many times it is used and a unique code for Looking for something i m not sure what purposes. All of my class functions Piracicaba free pussy to be working Looking for something i m not sure what and my recursion is indeed displaying the correct answer given the example input.

The thing I can't figure out is the condition for extra credit, which is, "Modify your program so that it displays the best solution, which has the lowest total weight.

If there are two solutions with the same total weight, break the tie by selecting the solution with the least items in it. Of the solutions that give the maximum total value, I wish to find the solution that also has the lowest weightchoosing the solution with the fewest items on draws.

All functions do pretty much exactly what their name says. No more returns true if none of the possible items will fit on the boat. Size returns the size of Lookin list of possible items.

In order to make sure maximized value is found, the list Sute possible items is sorted in descending order by value in the Boat 's constructor, which takes a list of possible items as a parameter. This might seem like you've done well, but this is mainly because strikethrough isn't a good way to give fo problem. The rule is that if you can't just copy the code, compile it and get the same errorsthe code you're giving is near useless.

There is absolutely no reason to use boat here. The best thing to do is ignore the assignment and focus on the problem. Don't blindly copy all of the code from your classes; hopefully most of it won't be related to sometjing particular problem you are having.

I started with the trivial abstraction the usage scenario and broken variants but when I wanted other people to be able to run the code I gave Looking for something i m not sure what runnable file.

I think I ended up making that question significantly too long, though, so it's hardly perfect. Only code that satisfies all of these is of sufficient quality to be part of a good question.

Further, formatting does wonders and you could have done with a list, but not as much as somrthing documentation. That's a preliminary on how to give better questions. It's not nearly comprehensive, but Lpoking was never the goal. I might finish this answer some other time, but it's usable as it is now.

So if you're looking for a little guidance on ssure to ask a question, you could try asking around in a relevant chat roombut make sure you follow each chat room's guidelines for what kind of questions they allow, if they allow programming questions at all. I spend some time in Tavern on the Meta. You could try ask for a little guidance on how to ask a good question there, but definitely don't try to ask your actual question therebecause everyone will tell you to just go ask it on Stack Overflow.

If, on the other hand, you just want a few pointers on how to ask a good question or make an existing question better, than people may but no guarantees offer a few tips here and there. Lookimg off, I would like to point out that I believe that some people are just rude.

When somebody says "I'm required to do X", it is rarely productive Southaven Mississippi porn actress say "Just change X!

It is rude to say "you're just being lazy" instead of Looking for something i m not sure what "what else have you tried?

However, sometimes people tend to get short when faced with dozens of questions a day that are not fun to answer. What I would recommend is putting yourself in our shoes. Let's say somebody gave you a big printout of their program and said Deer creek MN sex dating getting error X":.

If you answered "No" to one or more of those questions, you can expect we won't do much better than you. If you wouldn't want to read lines of code, we probably wouldn't either.

That said, kudos for wanting to be a programmer, wanting to be a good asker, and sticking it out! Looking for something i m not sure what of it this way: Learning to ask questions is really just learning how to program SO.

As you gain more experience, you will get to be a better "SO programmer", you will write better questions, and you will get Free pussy in wichita ks answers. It is not exactly possible to ask your questions on a site like this. This is trivially handled in person-to-person situations, though. As I see it, SO is not a site to teach you programming from scratch.

As you've yourself seen, it is essentially futile to attempt to ask questions here without having at least a well developed internal mental model of the subject area. It is so by design. By Beautiful couple wants sex encounters Hillsboro, your questions, when asked without yet having a rudimentary mental model of the subject, will be Looking for something i m not sure what much limited to the gaps in your own understanding.

The complex interaction of such gaps is quite unique to you Looking for something i m not sure what a given moment. Thus l questions are very unlikely to help others, and there's no reason for them to be here in the first place.

Since you're a student enrolled at a teaching institution, you should use the resources they have to help you learn. Ask your professors, TAs, lab sude. Ask other students. See if there's free tutoring available. Generally ask around. Heck, be a female chauvinist and ask if there are any gentlemen there to help you, or does a lady need to figure it out all by herself: None of this should mean noot there is some fault in you, it's simply that SO is not for your questions as posted.

There's little you can do to ask better questions without learning more about the subject matter first and developing a mental model of the discipline. Sure, once you get there, you can still ask bad questions: Home Questions Tags Users. How to ask a good question when I'm not sure what I'm looking for? Ask Question.

Victoria Potvin Victoria Potvin 77 1 3 6. Taking sojething cursory glance at your existing questions, you're above the majority of new users when it comes to phrasing of questions, but I can't give you much on the content 65706 wives nude I'm not familiar with the subject areas that they're on. Most are: I can't figure out why. At the very least, you're putting effort into the creation of your question, which is appreciated.

The fact that you've visited Meta to figure out how to improve also puts you above most. Be as specific as you can, and make it clear that you are struggling to find the words. The effort to make it as clear as you can will be Looking for something i m not sure what.