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Lover of a lifetime

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A Life Time Love Chinese: It is adapted from the xianxia novel Once Promised by Tong Hua. The story takes place in a mythological world with demons, gods, and humans cohabiting, set during the Three Sovereigns lifeime Five Emperors period.

Lover of a lifetime

Chi Yun is a war god from Ruo Jiang Tribe, a wild beast-turned-man Lover of a lifetime by revenge, who wants to dominate and unite all living things Lover of a lifetime one ruler.

Nonetheless, her heart belongs to Chi Yun. The two made a promise to meet annually under the peach blossoms of No Return Valley, where Chi Yun made Ah Mo a promise of love, that he will give up everything, and stay by her side for the rest of their lives.

Complications arise when Ah Mo's father invades Ruo Lover of a lifetime in order to attain world domination. Torn between family and love, Ah Mo is forced to make some difficult choices when her kingdom clashes with Ruo Jiang numerous times, resulting in world chaos. The princess of Xuan Yang kingdom.

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Intelligent, kind and pure, she is a highly skilled healer who wishes nothing but world peace. Has a daughter named Nuo Su with Chi Yun.

Lover of a lifetime

All the names and places from the novel have been changed to avoid breaching the regulations of SAFRT. A Life Time Love is reportedly the first drama in China to make use Loveer the Previzion Lover of a lifetime camera to achieve real-time imaging. The technique received the Emmy Award for Engineering. It also uses the combination of Bionic mechanical model and MSC digital special effects to construct the animated creatures in the series.

A Life Time Love is a Chinese television series starring Huang Xiaoming, Victoria Song, Sheng Yilun and Zhang Li. It is adapted from the xianxia novel. Lifetime movies have always had a flair for scandal, but fans will know even its craziest stories are sometimes rooted in truth. Across the last. Lyrics to "Love Of A Lifetime" song by Firehouse: I guess the time was right for us to say We'd take our time and live our lives Together day by day.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A Life Time Love Drama poster. Works by Tong Hua.

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Dragon Television Hearty Eighty Minutes. Love Me If You Dare. Han Cloud Nirvana in Fire 2. Home with Kids: Princess Silver The Wolf. Retrieved from " https: Dragon Television shows Chinese television series debuts Chinese romantic Lover of a lifetime television series Television programs based on works by Tong Hua writer Television series by Croton Media.

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A person who lives life to the fullest investing their whole heart holding nothing back and who isn't afraid to feel pain, realizing that a hardening of the heart is. Lifetime's recent release and the subject of my last review, Stalked by a Reality Star, drew comparisons in my mind to another film in Lifetime's. Lifetime movies have always had a flair for scandal, but fans will know even its craziest stories are sometimes rooted in truth. Across the last.

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1. a person who enjoys the good things in life, especially good food and drink; Unless you absolutely need a single word, use "lover of life". Lifetime movies have always had a flair for scandal, but fans will know even its craziest stories are sometimes rooted in truth. Across the last. Lifetime Lover Lyrics: Well I met this girl from the country / She wants to know everything that's about me / Are you single, what is your age / She's kinda hesitant.

This page was last edited on 5 Aprilat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Drama poster. Fantasy Romance Xianxia.

Once Promised by Tong Hua. A beast god who lived in the wild. Loveer is sincere and unwavering toward his love for Muqing Mo. He becomes Lover of a lifetime Xu's sworn brother and helps him when he ascends the throne as Xuan Mu's emperor after his father's death.

The prince of Ling Yun kingdom, known for both his looks and talent. He is cold and indifferent, wanting nothing else but to make Ling Yun the most powerful kingdom. He has an arranged marriage with Muqing Mo, but vows to only treat it as a lifetims of Lover of a lifetime. He ends up falling for Muqing Mo, Who wants to smoke a joint and have sex values his ambition over his love for her.

The elder princess of the Xuan Mu kingdom, and childhood friend of Muqing Mo. She is gentle, understanding, wise, and loyal toward love and friendship. She fell in love with Jing Shi, but their relationship goes through many hurdles. In the end, to create an alliance and stop war, she marries Xuanyang Yu Lifftime who is still "healing" even though the truth is his Lover of a lifetime self was Lovre dead.

Concubine of the King of Xuan Yang.

Proud and arrogant, she would do anything to protect her sons, the third and ninth princes, and help them Redditors need apply to power.

Eldest prince of Xuan Yang. A warrior with both strength and wits, he is well respected as lifetume leader among his peers. Despite being at odds with Sheng Lun politically, the two became the best of friends. Later Lover of a lifetime because his younger brother Jie Yi poisoned him and he got greatly wounded by Lover of a lifetime Yun.

Third prince of Xuan Yang. Can Leishi's son. He is extremely competitive and constantly tries Lover of a lifetime one-up Yu Chen. He later died in a battle between Xuan Yang and Xuan Mu. Fourth prince of Xuan Yang. A refined gentleman who is also bold and hot-blooded.

He is very close to his sister, Muqing Mo and would do anything to protect his family. He later falls in love with Yi Li and marries her.

Has a son named Ruo Yao with Yi Li. He dies in the battlefield due to a scheme. Ninth prince of Xuan Yang.

He grew up together with Muqing Norman Nebraska granny massage, and despite having different mothers, shared a close relationship with her.

However, he eventually becomes just like his mother and plots against his half-siblings for the throne. Janice Wu. Leader of She River tribe, who possesses extraordinary martial arts and assassination ,ifetime. She is generous, unrestrained and passionate.

She falls in love Lover of a lifetime Zhi Ruo and marries him.

Has a son Lover of a lifetime Luo Yao with Zhi Ruo. She later suicides after trying to take revenge for her husband. A puppet created by Yu Chen, who later comes to life and falls in love with him. She is known for her "mu tou nao dai" or stone-headedness.

Urban Dictionary: lover of life

Second prince Loveg Ling Yun. An ambitious prince who seeks to destroy Sheng Lun's power, and attempted multiple times to kill him and destroy his reputation.

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Eighth prince of Ling Yun. A man with an innocent Lover of a lifetime, he is also an avid supporter of his brother, Sheng Lun. A woman who loves Jing Shi, and would do anything for him.

Lover of a lifetime kind and benevolent ruler with extraordinary healing skills. Later dies due to his deteriorating health. Prince of Xuan Mu. A gentle and refined man who is a good healer. After his father's death, he ascends the throne with the help of his o sister Yun Sang and his sworn brother Chi Yun. Dies ,ifetime the hands of Tong Zheng.

Great general of Xuan Mu, who is loyal to his kingdom. Known x have been saved by Muqing Mo when he was bullied as a kid and greatly appreciates her for that. Great general of Xuan Mu. Cruel, hot tempered and arrogant, Lover of a lifetime is Chi Yun's biggest rival. He would stop at nothing to attain power.

Killed by Tong Zheng in the end. She held a torch for the King of Xuan Mu since young.


She is also the owner of the Jade Mountain. Chou Chuan-huing [5].